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About Alex & Red

Who we are as a firm is at least as important as what we do: It drives how and why we do it. Alex & Red is a national search firm that recruits for multiple industries and roles. Our sweet spot is identifying high-impact talent for executive management positions.

Our Guiding Values

Recruiting leadership who will further our clients’ missions is our mission. It drives us every day, and is founded on these fundamental values:

Prioritize the client.

Our clients—and our relationships with them—are our highest priority; we will always do right by them. We are strongly invested in building and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients and consider our firm an extension of their organization.

Sweat the small stuff.

We believe that getting the little things right can make a big difference. Meeting deadlines, following up quickly with clients and candidates alike, being accessible and responsive—these are small actions whose collective impact can make or break engagements and relationships.

Deliver excellence.

We hold ourselves to a high standard that we relentlessly pursue. This means that we do what we say we will do; think and act strategically to achieve the best results; and execute searches with precision and a sense of urgency.

Be creative.

We make it a point to present candidates who are non-traditional in some way, when it serves the client’s needs. Perhaps they’re in an industry different from the client’s or they take an approach to the position that the client has not considered.

Advise objectively.

We give clients our unbiased counsel throughout the search process and do so with transparency.

Love the work.

We love what we do—a passion that drives our positive, productive relationships with clients, colleagues and candidates.

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