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Energy & Power

Responding to the changing energy mix to power our industries and societies.

Our energy and power clients are relying on Alex & Red to secure leaders and key professionals with the foresight, industry knowledge and commercial experience to navigate through this changing landscape.

We have worked with clients operating across all aspects of the energy and power sectors including oil and gas, renewables, utilities and infrastructure. We are increasingly working with clients and investors seeking to bring new technological solutions to address the decarbonization of the sector and the development of distributed power generation projects and technology.

We draw on our direct industry experience to work with clients that range from privately held start-ups to publicly traded multibillion-dollar multinationals, and this same versatility applies to the types of positions for which we have recruited, including executive leadership as well as disciplines such as finance and accounting, operations, commercial and business development, technology and human resources.

We also help energy and power organizations improve the effectiveness of their boards and senior leadership teams, and support strategic and cultural transformation.

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My clients have given me complex search assignments in remote locations such as Nigeria and Angola. The experience has been invaluable and immensely rewarding.