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Executive Management

Achieving success by knowing the client and the candidate.

Alex & Red has earned an unparalleled reputation for understanding what our clients seek in leadership. The requirements most often include inspiring employees to raise their performance; prioritizing clients and customers; fostering and embodying the organization’s culture and purpose; developing a strategic vision that leads to future opportunities and challenges, while preparing the organization to address them; and driving innovation and positive change.

We have refined our research and assessment process to identify leaders (a CEO, COO, executive director, etc.) with the right combination of these characteristics for our client’s needs. A simple statistic underscores the effectiveness of our process: 85% of our engagements come through referrals or as repeat business from existing clients.

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Logo Carlton Fields
Chief Operating Officer
Tampa, Florida

My clients have given me complex search assignments in remote locations such as Nigeria and Angola. The experience has been invaluable and immensely rewarding.


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